Cult of Ghaunadaur

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
Gilded Eye Chapterhouse
Linked Quests
An Eye for an Eye

Cult of Ghaunadaur is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by speaking to Morlesh in the prison at Gilded Eye Chapterhouse.

Cult of Ghaunadaur Information

Important NPCs


  • 2500 XP


  1. Enter the Temple of Ghaunaduar
  2. Defeat the High Priest
  3. Take the Sigil of Ghaunadaur
  4. Meet Morlesh at the temple entrance


There are 2 traps through the very first door along with 2 Ooze behind them and a chest. There's a secret door to the left of the trap. Inside is another chest and another secret door. The room behind it requires the ? key. Double back and head to the right. There is a room full of about 9 Cultists here, so be careful. After that you will fight the High Priest and a Black Pudding and a few Cultists. It's a challenging fight. Loot the corpses and find the Marked Ruby for The Marked Rubies quest. Head through the door to the left and watch out for the Gelatinous Cube. Head through the door and fight more Cultists. The Altar is here along with a book for the Alteration Observations quest. Head back to the entrance through the door here and decide what to do with Morlesh.

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