This is a player-created Build for Sword Coast Legends.

Captain (Lotro)


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Greatsword
  • Left Hand: None
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Jewelry: Anything that improves Radiant Damage or Healing

Starting Build Abilities

bless-icon.png Bless

You want to get this to Bless II ASAP. It is a great offensive and defensive buff. Something a Captain in Lotro would definitely use.

lay_on_hands-icon.png Lay on Hands

This is a quick and dirty emergency spot heal (think of it as your Words of Courage without the range). It allows for the unlocking of Aura of Vitality later on so we'll take it here.

victorious_surge-icon.png Victorious Surge

Simply put, a very good damage ability with an excellent health return built in. Maxed you can bring yourself back from the brink of death. A must skill in any Martial build.

Must Have Build Abiliites

judgement-icon.png Judgement

This is your best heal and is essentially Valiant Strike except the heal is nearly instant. You need get this ASAP (Level 3) and max it quickly. It can save your entire party in a split second.

aid-icon.png Aid

This is another great buff. Between this in Bless you will effectively create an In Defense of Middle Earth like status on your party. The only downside is you have to refresh them every 60 seconds.

beacon_of_hope-icon.png Revivify

This is your res (Escape the Darkness). It's a staple skill that brings party members back to life with enough Vitality they don't die again immediately.

aura_of_vitality-icon.png Aura of Vitality

An AoE HoT around you for 20S, this is similar to Inspire, only without the attack.

Suggested Build Abilities

sign_of_vulnerablility-icon.png Sign of Vulnerability

Debuffs target so they take more Radiant Damage.

retribution-icon.png Retribution

Increases Radiant Damage passively.

heroism-icon.png Heroism

Grants an extra attack each round.

divine_smite-icon.png Divine Smite

A Melee attack that deals Radiant Damage

radiant_pulse-icon.png Radiant Pulse

Ranged Radiant Damage AoE

arcing_smite-icon.png Arcing Smite

Ranged Radiant Damage attack effecting multiple targets

Build Theme

This build, as with Captains in Lotro, has some limitations, but it plays very similarly. You're usually buffing the party before fights, you're up front in the thick of battle. You drop Lay on Hands if one target is in trouble. Use Judgement when the party is in critical danger and deal mediocre but reasonable damage the rest of the fight. If someone goes down, you are johnny on the spot with Revivify and you use Aura of Vitality to keep a HoT on your group when combat is the heaviest.

You probably can't solo heal a dungeon on Hard difficulty with this build, but you can supplement a Cleric while doing reasonable damage. This build is best used as an off-healer/buffer role.

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