Bryn Lightfingers is an NPC Companion in Sword Coast Legends.

Bryn Lightfingers

Gilded Eye Chapterhouse

Bryn Lightfingers Information

The Lightfingers family may not be renowned throughout the land, but that doesn't stop them from thinking they should be. A clan of Strongheart halflings based in Red Larch, a small village north of Waterdeep, the Lightfingers built a reputation for some of the finest crumblecakes in the region. When Bryn and her hotheaded brother Belamy came of age, however, they scorned their family's baking traditions for a more perilous road: That of the adventurer.

Bryn Lightfingers trained among the rangers of the Ardeep Forest until she and her band were chased out by the Eldreth Veluuthra. She used her wilderness skills to survive on her own until her brother Belamy approached her about joining an adventurers' guild known as the Order of the Burning Dawn. While she shares her brother's tendency toward a quick temper, her curiosity and open mind made her a valuable member of the Order. These days, most consider her leadership material, as long as she can keep her Lightfingers attitude in check.


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