Belamy Lightfingers is an NPC Companion in Sword Coast Legends.

Belamy Lightfingers

The High Road

Belamy Lightfingers Information

Growing up as the son of bakers in the small village of Red Larch, Belamy Lightfingers never had the temperament for the family business. When he came of age, Belamy chose to turn his back on his humble beginnings and find fortune elsewhere, and he convinced his sister Bryn to do likewise.

Not long into his less-than-spectacular adventuring career, Belamy realized that his particularly strong combat skills weren't enough. He needed support. He was in Mirabar when he learned of the Order of the Burning Dawn, and he found himself very interested in the idea of wielding a blade to do good… and make a little gold in the process. He tracked down his sister Bryn in the Ardeep Forest, and together they joined the Burning Dawn, hoping to find both an outlet for Belamy's aggression and a replacement for the family they left behind.


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