Updated Sep 29, 2015 7:22 pm

Battleaxe is a type of Weapon in Sword Coast Legends. They require Martial Weapon Proficiency Battleaxe in order to use. Designed for use in combat, battleaxes feature one or two sharp, curved blades attached to one end of a shaft.


battleaxe-icon.png Battleaxe
2-8 Slashing
Value: 10 Weight: 4

battleaxe2-icon.png Edge of Fire
2-8 Slashing, +2 to hit and damage
Deals 1-6 Fire Damage on hit

battleaxe2-icon.png Ooze Venom Broadaxe
2-8 Slashing, +8 to hit and damage vs. Ooze creatures
Deals 1-4 Fire Damage on hit

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