Barleycakes Residence is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Random encounter?

Barleycakes Residence Information

General Information

  • Previous Zone: None
  • Next Zone: None
  • Recommended Levels: ?? to ??
  • Bosses: None
  • NPCs: Skeew Barleycakes



Barleycakes Residence

Area Walkthrough

Loot the chest and get the Star Cloak. Watch out for the Mimic. There are lots of hidden walls here and many Quasits. Skeew will give you a tome that increases your CHA and WIS by +1 if you read it. The whole place is just a lootfest. Collect the Conjurer Key from a fountain in the southern section of the eastern wing to unlock the exit. 7 secret doors with loot of varying value.

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