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Axe Blade Shard

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Locations Darklake District
Underdark Descent
Quest The Blood Debt

Axe Blade Shard is a Mending Part in Sword Coast Legends.

Axe Blade Shard Information

Though only a shattered bit of metal, it's large enough that you can tell it was once part of an axe head. Judging by the sharpness of the edge, you feel that if you could somehow manage to reforge this axe it'd be a very powerful weapon.

  • Used to make a legendary greataxe (2h) with bonus damage vs. dwarfs Item ??via the Blacksmith in Luskan,




  • One can be found in a tool box by the Duergar blacksmith in Overlake Hold.
  • One can be found in a sack beside T'zor in the Shattered Spire.
  • One is found in loot in the NW corner of the Underdark Descent along with a promissory note that starts the quest The Blood Debt.
  • One  is dropped by Braenmora Surehand during the quest The Blood Debt.
  • One  can be found in one of the chests found in the secret chamber in Belwar Mine, that is opened with Bregan D'aerthe Symbol

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