A Valuable Opportunity

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type
Side Quest
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A Valuable Opportunity is a Side Quest in Sword Coast Legends. You can start this quest by completing Kenthra's initial quest and talking to her again.

A Valuable Opportunity Information

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Important NPCs

  • Kenthra
  • Thark


  • 2000 Gold


  1. Find Blackamil against Rauvfryn
  2. Find who owns the duergar clothes
  3. Search Lurcol's home for information
  4. Report back to Kenthra
  5. Meet with Rauvfryn at Allyth's Road
  6. Attack the duergar caravan
  7. Report back to Kenthra


1. The blackmail is in the storage inside the drow warehouse. Talk to the guard and convince him to take a break. The clothing inside is the blackmail.
2. Go to Thark who can identify the ownership of the clothing.
3. Lurcol's home is located by the bridge heading to the Duergar camps and it is the home on the right by the two duergar arguing about their mace.
4. Return to Kenthra for Reward
5. If you go through a secret passage on the right, you will find a camp which will lead you to another secret door which leads to the person Kenthra mentioned. This is the shortcut. No battling straight to Rauvfryn
6. Defeat the surrounding Duergar
7. Return.

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