Cutlass Inn Cellar is a Location in Sword Coast Legends. Beneath the warmth and revelry of the Cutlass lies the silence and solitude of the Inn's cellars. Dust covers all surfaces save those on which ale is stacked, and the air is warmed only by torches along the walls. It seems a fine place to store perishable items... or to hold a clandestine rendezvous.

Cutless Inn Cellar Information

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Area Walkthrough

Speak with Soronil to advance The Next Move quest. Search the area for 3 wall buttons and push them to reveal a lever. Flip the lever to open up the Abandoned Sewers.

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    • cutlass inn cellar26 Aug 2016 18:06  

      Playing on ps4 went into lower sewer below inn cellar and now I cant exit the area through either exit, what the *****? I have just looked at the message board and this ***** been happening since july!!!

      • cutlass inn cellar13 Aug 2016 11:54  

        found the sewers from market district and entered the cellar from them now stuck cant fast travel cant exit have no choice but to delete my character and restart... more likely i'll trade the broke game in for something that works unless you fix it in the next few hours.

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